TO ACTION

This is a 6-week (12hrs) program where the group meets every week for 2-hour sessions

​“If you learn only methods, you will be tied to your methods, but if you learn principles you can devise your own methods.”

-        Ralph Waldo Emerson  

The group will be engaging in various experiential, awareness and mindfulness-based exercises. We will be using the following group coaching tools to support the process:

  • polarity mapping

  • making space

  • powerful questioning

  • use of metaphors

  • psychodrama, and many more.

We will be co-creating a group process which will support the group in creating a safe space where we can show up with authenticity and vulnerability.

The group will consist of only 7-8 members so that everyone gets individual attention.

This group will help you achieve the following through the support of the group and professional coaching

  • Identify core issues of your procrastination

  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs

  • Move beyond your limiting beliefs

  • Gain clarity about your vision

  • Create a plan and take action to make your dreams a reality

  • Develop personal accountability

  • Not feel lonely in your journey

  • Become part of a group of creative individuals who are driven by mission, vision, and purpose. 

Being part of a process group not only helps in learning new skills but it also helps us learn new perspectives. Not only you will be taking away some strategies for mindset and habit change, rather you will be going through a change process as the group process evolves.

The group will be facilitated by Kirti Singh, ACC. She is an ICF certified coach, a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach and a certified Process Group Facilitator.

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