About Take The Leap -

From Procrastination to Action Program

Personal Coaching Program

Do you identify with these thoughts:


“I know that I can do it, but it all seems so overwhelming that I decide to do it later”


“I get motivated and I create a plan, I take action too, but I am never able to sustain this energy. Gradually I start postponing and I don’t make real progress.”


“The people who achieve really big in their lives are special people, I am just ordinary. I can make a living but real success is not for people like me.”


“It’s all motivating and inspiring to hear these ‘dreams become reality’ stuff but I don’t think it will work for someone like me”

If you identify these thoughts, Take The Leap Program is for you. 


It’s a 4-month personal coaching program in which you get


10 coaching sessions (one on one) providing you an opportunity to understand the deep-rooted issues that have been holding you back and offering you a personal space to work with your unique strengths and weaknesses


Specific exercises and strategies providing you a structured approach to move forward and develop successful habits and mindset


Continuous support throughout the process to offer you shared accountability, support, and a space to accept your failures and celebrate your success


It not only changes your mindset and habits, rather it goes to the deep-rooted issues that are keeping you from progressing


The program focuses on different aspects of moving from procrastination to action:



By moving beyond limiting beliefs and inner-critic 


Through self-awareness defining goals, vision and purpose


Setting goals and co-creating an actionable plan


Moving forward by putting ideas into action 


Ensuring that you continue moving forward