My Professional Coaching services help you realize your true potential leading to exponential growth.  


As an ICF Certified coach, I help Entrepreneurs,

Business Owners, and Other Professionals

Take the Next Big Leap in their Professional Life

By helping them move from Procrastination to Action


both are offered ONLINE as well as IN PERSON.


My office is located in Kitchener, ON, Canada. 

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"I have worked with Kirti Singh for over six months, and I really enjoy her calm, steady, well-structured approach to coaching. She has definitely helped me to improve my performance and growth as a leader.  Rather than give advice, she really motivates the client to do the work which is much more effective. She is an excellent listener and has a toolkit of great exercises. I would endorse her as an executive coach for anyone looking to gain self-support skills, deep insights and guidance in virtually any professional field."  


 -Executive Director, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, New York

"Kirti is the rare Coach who understands her clients from the inside out. I can't say enough about her deep sense of caring, intelligent mind, and humanity. Her training in psychology, psychotherapy, and coaching makes her a perfect combination of sense and sensibility. I consider myself very lucky to have experienced her coaching and recommend her with the full force of my energy and enthusiasm."                                             


- Founder & CEO, Executive Leadership Institute, New York

"I had a great experience working with Kirti as she helped me navigate different facets of my life from personal to professional. The process helped me sort through various challenges. Especially when she would take me back to my goals and steps I planned for myself."              

- Account Manager, ABB Inc., Oregon

"Kirti has the quality of compassion inherent in herself and that's why it comes so effortlessly in her sessions. She gives the space, respect and acceptance which I feel most of us are looking for and sometimes that can do wonders. Opening up becomes so smooth with her as she sees a person in totality not in bits and pieces... and personally it helped me realize that my story matters and there is someone to listen to it without judging it. She made me realize my strengths and the way she did it was amazing. It's like a person can really unfold in front of her and her presence makes it more comforting."                                                                   

   - Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology

"I have got to know about Kirti from a friend of a friend. 
When I first talked to her I was hesitant but she is so understanding that after a few mins she made me feel comfortable. Sessions with her made me believe that answers for all our problem lie only within us all we need to do is seek for them. 
She is extremely professional and I know it very well because whatever we discussed remained between us. 
I am glad I met her she changed my perspective."                                             

- Consultant, New Delhi

"Kirti Singh is an excellent coach and was always there to hear me out. A lot of things which seemed unresolved got resolved session by session. I liked her methodology to address personal issues and how she acted as a catalyst to resolve my issues."                                             


- Team Lead - Corporate Sales, New Delhi


Tel: +1 226 339 8473

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