Find The HERO Within You

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Be your own hero... Take charge

Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I think of it as if it is a story and I am a character in this story, right here in this situation. When I must decide as to what I should do, I ask myself as to what a real hero would do facing such circumstances and then I do that. All the answers become more evident to me when I begin to think that way. Let me first tell you, what do I mean when I use the word – HERO. For me, a Hero is the one who accepts the challenges of his/her life and looks at them as opportunities for change. A Hero is the one who follows his/her heart, dreams and passions. The hero is the one who is compassionate and has a purpose in life. When I say Hero, I am not referring to the central character of any story (traditionally shown as the male figure) instead I am referring to that change agent who turns around the events in the story. The one who changes the end of the story by making right choices; the one who challenges the givens of life and puts his/her best efforts to bring out the best possible outcome. The one who keeps the hope alive, the one who believes, the one who doesn’t give up when he/she fails but rises again with more energy. That is my definition of HERO.

And whenever I face a difficult situation, I ask myself what would that Hero do if she was in my position and I put my best efforts to do that. I want to be my favorite Hero. I want my story of life to be my favorite because this is that one story which I can write myself. I can’t control the challenges that life throws at me, but I can certainly control what I make out of those challenges. Look at your life as if it is a story – a story full of events, full of drama, full of emotions. Then ask yourself how would you like it to go forward because many times, we have more control over life than we assume we have. So, go out and write a new paragraph in this story, the one which you would like to be a part of your life. Be the change agent, bring more adventure in your life-story. Don’t forget that our lives are closely related to others when you make a positive effect many times the change ripples down to other’s life as well. Be that HERO and fall in love with your life story.

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