"No one can be an expert in YOU,   other than you yourself."               Kirti Singh

My approach to coaching is holistic, experiential and relational in nature. I focus on ‘Here and Now’ i.e., the present moment. I give much emphasis on partnering with you in a collaborated process. Gestalt Principles and Methodology very much influence my work. I also use Mindfulness-based exercises to enrich my work. 


I don’t follow a one size fits all approach. My approach to coaching is shaped by keeping in mind your unique potential. No one can be an expert in you, other than you yourself. I help you come up with unique solutions. My work focuses on self-empowerment and leads to enhanced self-confidence. 


Every coaching session and overall coaching engagement has a structure with a beginning, middle and an end.

The beginning is about setting the goals, contracting and partnering, the middle focuses on the process and reflection, and the end is about integrating the insights and learnings in everyday practice and developing a plan.

Some of my favorite coaching tools are:

  • Polarity Mapping

  • Metaphors

  • Paradoxical Theory of Change

  • Working with personal resistance

  • Gestalt experiments

  • Embodiment

  • Powerful Questioning

  • Cycle of Experience 

  • Learner VS Judger Mode

Coaching with me offers you:

  • A confidential and safe space for free expression

  • A great listener to help you reflect, and connect with yourself

  • A process to set new goals

  • A deeper understanding of the motivation behind those goals for sustained motivation

  •  Coaching tools to help you achieve those goals

  • The right balance of challenge and support, to help you stretch your boundaries in a healthy and sustainable way

  • An accountability partner to ensure that you don't give up

  • A partner to celebrate your successes and embrace your failures


Tel: +1 226 339 8473


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