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I offer my services in person as well as virtually.


Coaching is different from Consulting, Mentoring, Counseling, and Therapy:

Although coaching shares some similarities with all these professions; it is also very different.

Unlike all other listed professionals, a coach doesn’t carry the attitude of being an expert or advice giving. Coaching facilitates reflection, learning, personal growth, profound insights and overcoming internal resistance. It is a co-created process in which client and coach work together towards predefined common goals.


International Coach Federation defines coaching as,

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”



One on one coaching offered to leaders to enhance their personal and professional potential.

There are many challenges that one faces when one is in a leadership role. Many leaders begin to feel isolated at the top. Many feel immense pressure of meeting deadlines, managing others and being accountable. Many struggles in finding a balance between their personal and professional life. Moreover, many feel the combination of all the challenges mentioned above.


Leadership coaching can help you get a better understanding of your situation, and with a process which is designed based on your unique position, you can learn to master the situation and gain self-awareness. 


One on one personal coaching sessions to enhance individual's potential and facilitate the process of self-discovery.

Coaching can initiate the process of gaining more clarity about self and others. It can help you expand your goals and achieve them.


* Special discounted rates for non-profit organizations


Leadership coaching can help organizations by making their leaders more effective by bringing the best out of them. It is very effective as it doesn't use a one size fits all model of generic leadership training rather it work with unique talent of each and every leader. It is cost effective and leads to growth that lasts.


Coaching is not always a one on one process. Team coaching accentuates individual potential as well as group talent. It is a group process in which sessions are held together with the entire team and one-on-one sessions with some team members, on the need basis.


Being a Gestalt Professional, I am trained in working with groups and offer workshops which are experiential and relational in nature. I use semi-structured format for my workshops, which evolves through the group process and dynamics. Research evidence supports that experiential learning is more deep-rooted and sustains for longer. I design my workshops based on the need and requirement of the group/team/organization. 

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