Meet Kirti Singh


ICF Certified Professional Coach

I love inspiring people to realize their true potential. I believe in living a life with purpose, through my work I support others take the leap and move forward to a life of meaning, purpose, and passion.

I work with students, entrepreneurs and working professionals to help them put their ideas into action, and support them in their process of realizing their true potential by taking action to make their dreams a living breathing reality.

The Leap

Take the Leap - From Procrastination To Action

Professional Coaching with Kirti Singh

I specialize in helping my clients with


By moving beyond limiting beliefs and inner-critic 


Through self-awareness defining goals, vision and purpose


Setting goals and co-creating an actionable plan


Moving forward by putting ideas into action 


Ensuring that you continue moving forward

You were born with wings,

why prefer to crawl through life?

- Rumi

"I have been able to root out roadblocks and internal barriers that I didn't even know existed, using methods I never would have guessed were even possible. She is brilliant, very knowledgeable and capable and invariably manages to help and move me forward every time we meet, even when I'm thinking I'm fine and there's nothing more that can be done to help."

- Founder and CEO, EcoAg.AI (Ontario, Canada)

"I really enjoy her calm, steady, well-structured approach to coaching. She has definitely helped me to improve my performance and growth as a leader. I would endorse her as an executive coach for anyone looking to gain self-support skills, deep insights, and guidance in virtually any professional field."

 -Executive Director, Brooklyn College CommunityPartnership 

(New York, USA)

“Kirti is the rare Coach who understands her clients from the inside out. I can't say enough about her deep sense of caring, intelligent mind, and humanity. Her training in psychology, psychotherapy, and coaching makes her a perfect combination of sense and sensibility.”

- Founder & Principal, The Catherine Hormats Group (New York, USA)

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